£3950 + VAT + Delivery

  • Includes: two months supply of STEAMJET wax
  • Full professional training on how STEAMJET works
  • Supply of STEAMJET microfibre cloths


  • Dimension: 540x909x750(mm)(WxLxH)
  • 21.3x35.6x29.5(inch)(WxLxH)
  • Hose Length : 10m (Max 20m : Order made)
  • Weight: 67kg (147.7lbs)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 17.5 liters(4.5gal)
  • Wax tank capacity : 6.5 litres (1.7gal)
  • Diesel fuel tank capacity : 6.5 litres (1.7 gal)
  • Electric Power rate : 110~220V (50/60hz)
  • Electric Power consumption : 200W
  • Steam generator : Open type (Patent) (non boiler type)
  • Steam Pressure : 7~9 Bar (max 13bar) / 116-145psi (max 188 pst)
  • Steam temperature : 80~90 C (176~203`F)
  • Preheating time : 1 minute
  • Water consumption : 350~650cc/min (12.5~22 oz/min)
  • Materials : stainless steel, Aluminium, PA, PE, ABS
  • Automatic Wax Mixing Device: (On/Off function)


Double hose model: can clean two cars at once, or two guns working on one car.

Generates high pressure steam, above 8 bar of pressure within a minute of switching on, using only 13oz of water per minute, generating no waste water and subsequently no sewage restrictions. Consumes minimal power and fuel.

Sprays steam and wax simultaneously; the high pressure steam and microfibre cloth combine to clean deep on the surface, with the wax leaving a great shine that is estimated to last up to 10 times longer than a wash from a conventional car wash system.


A car cleaning system which removes dirt and foreign materials from a car by creating high pressure steam (7-9 bar) using only a small amount of water (300~550㎖ per min).

Paint Protection

Scratch-free finish using microfibre cloths, no sponges or brushes touching the paintwork. Steam at the outlet temperature (80~90℃) does not harm the paintwork of the vehicle (Steam would need to be reaching temperatures of 130~250℃ to harm the paintwork and this is impossible due to the machine's safety features).


Produces powerful steam by using unique patented technology without a boiler system within 2~3 minutes.


An all-weather cleaning system which protects water resources by saving water. It produces no waste water and uses no chemicals so there are no drainage requirements.


A car cleaning system which introduces a unique (patented) electronic control system controlling the optimal conditions such as temperature, pressure, water, automatic wax mixing, and fuel supply. Simple to use and easy to control.


STEAMJET is commercial grade equipment that can run all day without stopping. Fully CPU controlled with 8 different phases of Automatic Safety features. It has 28 levels of steam Moisture control which can be altered depending on how dirty a vehicle is. Well modulated system enables problem diagnosis & troubleshooting over the phone.

Safety & Durability

High safety and durability. Rust-proof stainless steel construction prevents short circuiting and fires due to rusted parts. Steamjet benefits from a variety of additional safety devices such as leakage cutoff, overheat protection and overpressure protection.


Minimum energy fuel consumption of 1.2~1.5L/hr and power consumption of less than 330W.


Machine can run off a vehicle battery or an easy to fit inverter, ideal for mobile valeting. Fits easily in the back of a small van.

Interior & Exterior

Possible to remove dirt and dust from the inside of the car including the engine bay, carpet, seatbelts, door trim, windows and windscreen as well as the outside of the car; body, alloys and tyres. Steam deodorises the interior and cleans forensically to remove all germs as well as leaving the interior visibly clean. No other machine can be used to clean the engine bay area.