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Eco friendly: Uses more than 10x less water than conventional washers with absolutely no chemicals and no waste water.

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STEAMJET ~ Eco Friendly Steam Cleaning

Revolutionary vehicle cleaning specialising in the supply of water-saving, eco-friendly steam cleaning systems to car washes and the motor trade.

The Steamjet system offers users the opportunity to:

Steamjet systems produce nothing but steam meaning firstly that less water is used; the steamjet system can clean a car using approximately 2 litres of water, whereas a conventional power washing system uses closer to 100 litres of water per vehicle. The Steamjet system allows every area of the vehicle to be cleaned to a biological and forensic standard without leaving behind any waste water, foam or chemicals and meaning no disposal facilities or equipment are required.

Steam is scientifically proven as the most efficient cleaning method, offering unrivalled cleaning power for professional and commercial use.

Conventional water pressure washers consume huge amounts of water and a large amount of waste water, the Steamjet system represents the future. In a motor dealership the machine would facilitate the cleaning of every vehicle on site, inside a showroom and outside on the forecourt, without having to move a single vehicle and without creating any mess; no water, no foam; no chemicals. Every car is left looking its best... clean, waxed and dry, inside, outside, engine bay, alloys and tyres.

OUR AIM is to establish Steamjet as the cleaning system of choice for all forms of vehicle-related cleaning. OUR VISION is to have a Steamjet machine in every carwash site and every car & van dealership in the UK by the end of 2018.

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